RBFA – Be Better Digital Strategy

To meet this challenge, we closely collaborated with the RBFA to analyze the performance of existing digital platforms and identify the expectations of stakeholders. This analysis allowed us to define how the ecosystem needed to evolve, in terms of the number of digital products, platforms, and necessary features.

The “Be Better” Narrative:

During the analysis phase, we worked with the RBFA team to define a narrative for the future digital landscape of the RBFA. This included specific platforms and features per product, thus ensuring the delivery of high value and usage growth to meet stakeholder expectations.

The “BE BETTER” narrative is the guiding principle of the new ecosystem. It embodies RBFA’s ambition to enable everyone – whether as a fan, referee, volunteer, club manager, or player – to improve. Every digital element developed is aligned with this “Be Better” narrative, ensuring consistency and relevance.

Following this strategy, we developed UX and UI designs to illustrate our vision of the RBFA’s future digital landscape. These designs are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are functional, intuitive, and aligned with the goals of the “Be Better” narrative.

With this transformation, the RBFA is ready to embrace a digital future that not only meets current expectations but is also prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. “Be Better” is not just a promise. It’s a reality in the making for all actors in Belgian football.

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